If my Life as a Child Soldier Could be Told

This autobiographical book tells the story of Junior Nzita Nsuami who was forcibly recruited at the age of 12. He was demobilized in 2006 after 10 years of military service. The book has to deal with the challenges of returning to civilian society and the traumatic experiences and feelings of guilt. Junior Nzita describes his experiences as a child soldier and how he managed to leave the army to resume his educations and work for peace and justice and in particular for the concerns of children.
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  • Artikelnummer SW28081
  • Autor find_in_page Junior Nzita Nsuami "Kadogo"
  • Autoreninformationen Junior Nzita Nsuami is a former child soldier from the Democratic… open_in_new Mehr erfahren
  • Wasserzeichen ja
  • Verlag find_in_page Trauma Healing and Creative Arts Coalition - THAC
  • Seitenzahl 110
  • Veröffentlichung 01.01.2016