L as in Love (Book One)

L as in Love (Book One)
Peek into the interwoven lives of the women who gather at the Sappho Café, and meet a broad cross...
L as in Love (Book One)
Ruth Gogoll
Peek into the interwoven lives of the women who gather at the Sappho Café, and meet a broad cross section of Cologne's most interesting people. Whether we're in the presence of the "perfect" couples or the women who are on the lookout for love, you'll find that Sappho always has drama on the menu - as well as a first-rate cappuccino. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Once you've met Sabrina, Chris, Carolin, Rick, Rebekka and all the rest, you'll be back for more "L" - as in lovely ladies, lust, laughter, lies, lightheartedness, and lasciviousness - but mostly, "L - as in Love"!
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Ruth Gogoll
Susan Way
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