Erotic Short Stories

Erotic Short Stories
5 Stars »Yea, that’s great! I really like it sexy.« She kept her eyes closed, because she knew...
Erotic Short Stories
Marcus C. Hanlon
5 Stars »Yea, that’s great! I really like it sexy.« She kept her eyes closed, because she knew that this sensation was more intense that way. She bit down on her lips. My fingers slipped over the incline of her coccyx and between her butt cheeks. As far as she could, she tiled her hips back and pushed her feet apart. The slit of her bottom had opened and I could easily see the soft brown hairs on the skin. Amid a crowd of people, she stood there, naked, parting her legs and shamelessly presenting her most intimate zones to me. I looked around. None of the remaining people seemed to notice us. Everyone had seen the naked beauty, and now they worked hard to refrain from giving into their inner longing of looking at her more closely. Most of them were busy with themselves or the boats on the river. My finger slipped deeper. The skin turned satiny soft and I felt the rounded incline of her anus. I pushed against it a little and she relaxed the muscle. My finger slipped inside, making her groan slightly. I softly moved the finger inside the opening of her body, slipping deeper still. It was damp and warm inside of her, and her sphincter muscle tightly wrapped around my finger. A feeling of being entirely revealed flooded her in that very moment. She had not expected that. She was standing there completely naked on the edge of the balcony and nothing hid her nakedness from the people down on the street or on the other balconies. And now, in front of everyone’s eyes, I happily penetrated her behind. She enjoyed wild lust. Her stomach touched the cool iron banister (from Nude in Paris) This eBook presents Highlight from some of Marcus C. Hanlons highly appraised erotic novels. These stories that are here for the first time published in one volume all received top ratings of five stars from our readers. 'Erotic Short Stories' is the latest anthology of highlights of the Top Stories by Marcus C. Hanlon. Wilde lust and entertaining irony.
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Marcus C. Hanlon
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