The Catalogue

The Catalogue
This Catalogue contains excerpts of all published books and anthologies written by Marcus C....
The Catalogue
Marcus C. Hanlon
This Catalogue contains excerpts of all published books and anthologies written by Marcus C. Hanlon for Ars Amatoria. It is a blossoming overview on all those wild, erotic, lusty and pleasure-loving, luscious Stories. The most entertaining catalogue in ebook history. all this and even much more… 3 Nude in Paris. Paris, The city of love. Breakfast on a tiny balcony with a view the river. And a woman, who discovers and lives her joy of presenting herself to others. Out and about in Paris at night it’s easy to find many more opportunities for erotic escapades. Music and dancing invites you to feel free and uninhibited. 4 Sex Party. It's a very relaxed barbeque evening. Especially the hostess but also her friend indulge in nudism and soon her new girlfriend also gets infected by her freedom. One leads to another… 14 Nude Roommate. There is a new girl in the shared flat. She is a nudist by heart and stirs up things quite a bit. The result is plenty of nudity and hot sex. [… and more…] 78 Living Naked. Liane is thrilled by the uninhibited living concept ’Naked Living’, which she learned while on a tour all around one of their estates. So, she visits the estate agent who has not only thought up the concept, but also practices it in all sexual consequence… [… and even more…] 120 Sexy Witch. She knows what makes life worthwhile. And now her daughter has come of age so she is ready to learn those lessons. Without ifs or buts. It belongs to her, it is our nature. 146 Ultimate Love. She tells her husband every moist detail about her hilarious erotic and highly sexual excesses with other men and women… and he listens very relaxed. [… and a hell of a lot more…] on more than 70 pages.
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Marcus C. Hanlon
Ars Amatoria
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