Lesbian Prison

Lesbian Prison
This collection features the following hot short stories: ## 8 Jeans Story Low Rise Jeans...
Lesbian Prison
Marcus C. Hanlon
This collection features the following hot short stories: ## 8 Jeans Story Low Rise Jeans fashion going consequently to extremes. ## 10 No Public Nuisance The law against public nudity is omitted, public nuisance is history. And things are getting a little bit out of hand… ## 11 Naked Sports Sports is about the body… right? The *naked* body? ## 22 Spa Salvation Fun pools and spas suffer from declining attendance figures. But there is a plan at hand how to bring people back to the pools… ## 34 Air Lining Air Security makes it necessary that passengers on planes don't wear anything at all… ## 43 Lesbian Prison In this prison everything's different. The imprisoned women shall be pacified by being naked and by what women need the most – sex. This overall reduces expenses for security guards and improves the peaceful feminine togetherness. *Lesbian Prison* is Marcus Hanon's new hot story collection. Hot women in erotic adventures and ironic humor on more than 60 pages.
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Marcus C. Hanlon
Ars Amatoria
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