The Realm

The Dream Seers

Joseph East is an elusive saboteur who stifles a queen's malevolent efforts to further dominate her subjects. Joseph uses his skills in the art of deception to initiate the queen's downfall. Overthrowing the queen is complicated by her elaborate security network. Any attack upon the queen will unleash automated punitive defense systems against inhabitants throughout the solar system. Joseph and his sympathizers frantically work to dismantle the defense systems as the queen becomes more maniacal.
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  • SW9783730942666110164
  • Artikelnummer SW9783730942666110164
  • Autor Nathan Skaggs
  • Wasserzeichen ja
  • Verlag BookRix
  • Seitenzahl 40
  • Veröffentlichung 06.01.2015
  • ISBN 9783730942666

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