Secrets of a Mad Music Teacher

Secrets of a Mad Music Teacher
Synopsis I sat quietly, listening as the teacher and student in the room next to mine discussed...
Secrets of a Mad Music Teacher
Bruce James
Synopsis I sat quietly, listening as the teacher and student in the room next to mine discussed base-ball during their entire lesson. When I asked the teacher, How his lesson went, he replied "Yeah, you can kill a half hour with anything". Children are sometimes denied a good education in our public schools, but when a parent pays $40 an hour for their child to learn guitar, their child should learn guitar. Over the years as a private music teacher, I've been blessed with some of the best students, those who know the meaning of hard work, and are not afraid to work hard to learn something. Unfortunately, my worst students often made it difficult to spend quality time with the ones who deserve the best. If you're a music teacher, you know how frustrating a student that doesn't ever practice can be. You also know how peer pressure can lead kids into a life of drugs, corruption, and even death. So many outside influences, even competitions designed to take a child's money leaving them feeling worthless and without hope for their future. Tragically, one of my favorite students was driven to murder his own grandmother in cold blood, and then set out on a shooting spree through town. Sometimes I think I've seen it all, and all my stories are true. Doctors, Lawyers, business owners, and even music teachers can be so heartless, and I'm stuck in the middle teaching them all. Their names have been left out, and only they know who they are. This book wasn't meant to cut any of my students down, it was meant to be a book about my stories as a music / guitar teacher. If it seems that I have become mad, and frustrated with my world as a private instructor, don't worry about it. It will continue to be our secrets of a mad music teacher. Bruce James
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Bruce James
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