The Red Book Of The Pilgrim Sailor

The Red Book Of The Pilgrim Sailor
Mare Frigoris is a lunar mare in the north of the Moon. I like that name – sea of the cold. It...
The Red Book Of The Pilgrim Sailor
Ulrich R. Rohmer
Mare Frigoris is a lunar mare in the north of the Moon. I like that name – sea of the cold. It reminds me of the world I live in: a cold place not physically, but when it comes to love, empathy and compassion. Our physical world is somehow connected to war, death and tears. I know of the beauty I am also able to experience, and I´m glad about it. Nevertheless, our Earth is filled with pain, tears and death. Wars have never stopped, nor hunger and death by starvation. You might find the numbers by yourself, and you will be shocked… I will follow ways of frozen love in our modern times. This will reveal the deepest reason of the sickness of our contemporary Western system of living. It has affected people´s minds, souls and thinking making them believe that all is normal and all right. This book is intended to provide a navigational aid crossing this cold world I call symbolically Mare Frigoris. My mother tongue is German, and I had no native speaker to improve the English manuscript. After all I will publish this book knowing I can easily move linguistically, but not with absolute perfection. While sailing across Mare Frigoris, I observed a sick attitude which more and more pulled on my nerves: the compulsion to manage all we do perfectly. Thus I have become a strong lover of imperfectability. I love imperfect humans and actions. I love imperfect thinking. I find any exaggerated attempt heading toward "perfection" somehow sick and ridiculous. When you do me the favour of reading my lines you will also find the answer, why I refuse to get engaged with transhumanism. This form of "cold love" crap is only possible among humans having lost any sense of limitation, humility, patience, empathy, compassion and love, real and warm love. Rohmer is theologian and lives in Germany.
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Ulrich R. Rohmer
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