Fritz Perls in Berlin 1893 - 1933

Fritz Perls in Berlin 1893 - 1933
Using Fritz Perls as an example, this book recalls the representatives of an urban avant-garde...
Fritz Perls in Berlin 1893 - 1933
Bernd Bocian
Using Fritz Perls as an example, this book recalls the representatives of an urban avant-garde culture who were driven out of Europe, emigrated, and for the most part found a new homeland in the USA. Many an element of the lost avant-garde spirit later found its way back to Europe in an enriched form. This monograph is the first to focus in greater depth on the German-European roots of Gestalt therapy. It thereby bridges the continents at the same time.

»Immensely exciting to read and a marvelous example of writing the history of psychotherapy without losing sight of social conditions.«
(Tom Levold, »A groundbreaking work on the biography of Fritz Perls and the wellsprings of Gestalt therapy. The author addresses highly topical questions about the potential for individual development and its limitations under the conditions prevailing in a fragmented and fragmenting society.« 
(Olaf-Axel Burow, University of Kassel) »This book is an important and interesting contribution to the history of the psychoanalytic movement and the definition of gestalt therapy. In his gestalt approach, the dissident psychoanalyst Perls embodied, integrated, and saved from oblivion the rich life experiences of the Berlin avant-garde culture in which Jews played such an important role ... an excellent read.« 
(Zvi Lothane, Mount Sinai School of Medicine / New York University, International Forum for Psychoanalysis)
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Bernd Bocian
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