In The Grip Of The Aliens

On the Saturn moon Japetus, between the border of its light and dark hemisphere, extends a very large mountain ridge. There is a huge station. It is initially the target of an alien spaceship. At the same time, on Earth, the organic starship Paurusheya awakens to new life. Earthman Sigurd Westall, employee of the largest global security company, is involuntarily involved in the hunt for strangers. Together with his new partner, the female spaceship Paurusheya, he accepts the challenge as two of his colleagues disappear without a trace. He traverses half of the solar system and discovers that his planet is in even greater danger than previously thought. Only because of his special ability,...
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  • SW558791
  • Artikelnummer SW558791
  • Autor Jens F. Simon
  • Verlag S. Verlag JG
  • Seitenzahl 268
  • Veröffentlichung 07.04.2019
  • ISBN 9783957459169

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