Living Naked

Living Naked
Liane obviously liked all of that dearly. So she went on euphorically… »And then the estate...
Living Naked
Marcus C. Hanlon
Liane obviously liked all of that dearly. So she went on euphorically… »And then the estate agent suggested, if we wanted to, we should – you understand… in order to really and completely absorb the atmosphere of the house and to feel and understand the whole concept – we of course were free to totally undress ourselves at any time, leave our clothes in the apartment and experience the house naked. Just as we would live here most of the time – naked.« And you… did not, or… did you…?« Doris was baffled because she couldn't believe that her friend would do that… but Lianes gaze spoke a different language. »No…?« »Oh yes! Of course.« Liane giggled. »I considered seriously to take the apartment, and so I wanted to know whether if I really liked it.« »Exhibitionist.« Doris commented with a bit of jelous sarcasm. »Nudist please.« Liane countered in fun. »As always« Liane continued elated. »So we went further, me naked, everyone else still clothed. No… that's not entirely true! Some other woman also removed her blouse and her trousers, but kept on her panties. And she asked the agent, whether that would be naked enough. I thought, if naked then completely naked, right? I anyway hadn't much to loose… I just wore such a short thing and nothing underneath and it was either like that or nothing. So we went down into the body zone. There also… the floors! Everything formally invites you to touch it with your bare skin. The floor feels so good under your feet, you want to sit down like with your bare butt on it to feel it even more. […] Liane and Doris looked at each other and had to laugh again involuntarily. »And, believe it or not« Liane continued »there is everything there in the body area, just everything – but everything is open, not even the toilets have a privacy screen.« »Somehow, the woman who was just wearing her panties must’ve remembered at that time, that she needed to pee. But when she asked the agent where to retreat, she just said that she was standing right in front of it. And this was a bit provocative already, but then the agent herself without another word pushed her pants from her butt, sat on one of the bowls and peed. The panties-woman then said thanks for the demonstration, but she already had know how to do it in the first place and that she refrained from the use of possibilities or even deepen the subject itself any further.«
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