Bell's Cathedrals

Bell's Cathedrals
This treatise is little more than a careful digest of numerous works, of the more important of...
Bell's Cathedrals
Philip A. Robson
This treatise is little more than a careful digest of numerous works, of the more important of which a list is given. A sincere note of obligation is due to Messrs. Jones and Freeman's scholarly and accurate History of St. David's and to Mr. John Murray's Handbook to the Welsh Cathedrals; but the list is given quite as much to assist future students as to emphasise those writers to whom the author has been under special obligations. Those who may wish to visit St. David's will find it remarkably inaccessible, and they will be well advised to travel to Haverfordwest by train, sleep there, and drive on, over the sixteen miles and seventeen hills, to St. David's on the next day. For cyclists there is a much better road from Letterston station, but the other is preferable from the picturesque point of view. The illustrations are mostly from the author's own photographs, but his special thanks are due to Mr. A. David and Mr. Morgan, to whose hearty co-operation on the spot a large meed of whatever success they may attain is unhesitatingly given. The general views are from photographs by Valentine, Frith and Co., and Poulton; the general measured drawings are reduced from the elaborate plans of J. Taylor Scott, F.R.I.B.A., which won the silver medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1882; a few illustrations are taken from old prints in the author's collection, and for some reproductions we have been indebted to the excellent plates in Messrs. Jones and Freeman's History of St. David's. PHILIP A. ROBSON.
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Philip A. Robson
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