Fortune's Wheel

Fortune's Wheel
A mesmerizing tale of love, war, power, and revolt set in one of England's most fascinating eras...
Fortune's Wheel
Rebecca Gable
A mesmerizing tale of love, war, power, and revolt set in one of England's most fascinating eras – the age of chivalry. Anno 1360 – Twelve-year-old Robin is reduced to the life of a stable hand when his father, the Earl of Waringham, is executed for treason. Subjected to the tyrannical whims of the new earl's son Mortimer, Robin flees to the battlefields of the Hundred Years' War. In the service of the charismatic Duke of Lancaster he rises to knighthood and fame. But Lady Fortune's Wheel is spinning endlessly, and while the irresponsible young King Richard II threatens to ruin the realm in the turmoil of war and Peasants' Revolt, Robin risks losing everything he gained when he falls in love with Blanche, the wife of his lifelong foe, Mortimer.

Rebecca Gable taught medieval English Literature and worked as translator of English and American novels by such authors as Elizabeth George, Neil Gaiman and Agatha Christie before writing full time. Her eleven historical novels have been international bestsellers and sold over 5 million copies. After The Settlers of Catan, her novelization of the popular board game, Fortune's Wheel is her second English publication. Rebecca and her husband split their time between their homes in Germany and Majorca.
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Rebecca Gable
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