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A Gentleman of Courage
James Oliver Curwood A Gentleman of Courage
Pierre Gourdon had the love of God in his heart, a man's love for a man's God, and it seemed to him that in this golden sunset of a July afternoon the great Canadian wilderness all about him was whispering softly the truth of his faith...
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A Complete History of Music
W. J. Baltzell A Complete History of Music
The plan of arrangement used in this book has in view a combination of the recitation and lecture systems, and affords an opportunity for teachers to apply the best principles of both. The paragraph headings should be thoroughly fixed in...
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The Ocean of Theosophy
William Judge The Ocean of Theosophy
An attempt is made in the pages of this book to write of Theosophy in such a manner as to be understood by the ordinary reader. Bold statements are made in it upon the knowledge of the writer, but at the same time it is distinctly to be...
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The Story of Paul Jones
Alfred Henry Lewis The Story of Paul Jones
CHAPTER I—HIS BAPTISM OF THE SEA This is in the long-ago, or, to be exact, in July, 1759. The new brig Friendship, not a fortnight off the stocks, is lying in her home harbor of Whitehaven, being fitted to her first suit of sails....
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Eva's Adventures in Shadow-Land
Mary D. Nauman Eva's Adventures in Shadow-Land
She had been reading fairy-tales, after her lessons were done, all the morning; and now that dinner was over, her father gone to his office, the baby asleep, and her mother sitting quietly sewing in the cool parlor, Eva thought that she...
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Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the InterMilitary Tribunal
Various Various Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the...
Recognizing the importance of establishing for history an authentic text of the Trial of major German war criminals, the International Military Tribunal directed the publication of the Record of the Trial. The proceedings are published...
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Annie Laurie and Azalea
Elia Wilkinson Peattie Annie Laurie and Azalea
The long red clay road, winding down from the cabin where the McBirneys lived on their high shelf of Tennyson mountain, was frosted delicately with white, and by the roadside the curious frost flowers lifted their heads, as airy-fine as...
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Baree, Son of Kazan
James Oliver Curwood Baree, Son of Kazan
Since the publication of my two animal books, "Kazan" and "The Grizzly King," I have received so many hundreds of letters from friends of wild animal life, all of which were more or less of an enquiring nature, that I have been...
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Northern Lands - Young America in Russia and Prussia
Oliver Optic Northern Lands - Young America in Russia and...
Northern Lands, the second volume of the second series of "Young America Abroad," describes the varied experience of the juvenile tourists of the Academy Squadron in the Baltic, and during their journeys in Russia and Prussia, and their...
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One Touch of Nature - A Petite Drama
Benjamin Webster One Touch of Nature - A Petite Drama
SCENE I.—Mr. Beaumont Fletcher's chambers in the Adelphi, handsomely furnished, doors R., L., and C. JONES discovered. Jones (writing). To address the lady's-maid of a marchioness is no trifling affair, especially in the present march of...
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Through the Telescope
James Baikie Through the Telescope
The main object of the following chapters is to give a brief and simple description of the most important and interesting facts concerning the heavenly bodies, and to suggest to the general reader how much of the ground thus covered lies...
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A Woman's Philosophy of Woman - or, Woman affrancnd other modern innovators
Jenny P. d'Hericourt A Woman's Philosophy of Woman - or, Woman...
Madame d'Héricourt is well known in France as an able contributor to various philosophic journals, and also as a member of the medical profession, in which she holds a high and respected position. Her opinions are entitled to great...
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Wilder Dreier
Vicky Carlton Wilder Dreier
Vicky Carlton Seitensprung
Isabella Bach Unheilig
Geheimoperation ONAGER
Norbert Mertens Geheimoperation ONAGER
Die kleine Radtour
Stefan Hoffmann Die kleine Radtour
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