A tragic and short love story taking place in the city of Ravenna, told by Giovanni Boccaccio. Giovanni Boccaccio (1313 – 21 December 1375) was an Italian author and poet, a friend, student, and correspondent of Petrarch, an important Renaissance humanist and the author of a number of notable works including the Decameron, On Famous Women, and his poetry in the Italian vernacular. Boccaccio is particularly notable for his dialogue, of which it has been said that it surpasses in verisimilitude that of virtually all of his contemporaries, since they were medieval writers and often followed formulaic models for character and plot.
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  • SW9788027236909110164
  • Artikelnummer SW9788027236909110164
  • Autor Giovanni Boccaccio
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  • Verlag Musaicum Books
  • Seitenzahl 18
  • Veröffentlichung 06.12.2017
  • ISBN 9788027236909

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