The History of Protestantism

The History of Protestantism
"The History of Protestantism, which we propose to write, is no mere history of dogmas. The...
The History of Protestantism
James Aitken Wylie
"The History of Protestantism, which we propose to write, is no mere history of dogmas. The teachings of Christ are the seeds; the modern Christendom, with its new life, is the goodly tree which has sprung from them. We shall speak of the seed and then of the tree, so small at its beginning, but destined one day to cover the earth." Content: Progress From the First to the Fourteenth Century Wicliffe and His Times, or Advent of Protestantism John Huss and the Hussite Wars Christendom at the Opening of the Sixteenth Century History of Protestantism in Germany to the Leipsic Disputation, 1519 From the Leipsic Disputation to the Diet at Worms, 1521. Protestantism in England, From the Times of Wicliffe to Those of Henry Viii. History of Protestantism in Switzerland Froma.d. 1516 to Its Establishment at Zurich, 1525. History of Protestantism From the Diet of Worms, 1521, to the Augsburg Confession, 1530. Rise and Establishment of Protestantism in Sweden and Denmark. Protestantism in Switzerland From Its Establishment in Zurich (1525) to the Death of Zwingli (1531) Protestantism in Germany From the Augsburg Confession to the Peace of Passau From Rise of Protestantism in France (1510) to Publication of the Institutes (1536) Rise and Establishment of Protestantism at Geneva. The Jesuits Protestantism in the Waldensian Valleys Protestantism in France From Death of Francis I (1547) to Edict of Nantes (1598) History of Protestantism in the Netherlands Protestantism in Poland and Bohemia Protestantism in Hungary and Transylvania The Thirty Years' War Protestantism in France From Death of Henry IV (1610) to the Revolution (1789) Protestantism in England From the Times of Henry VIII Protestantism in Scotland

James Aitken Wylie (1808-1890) was a Scottish historian of religion and Presbyterian minister. He was a prolific writer and is most famous for writing The History of Protestantism.
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James Aitken Wylie
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