Land of Adventure

Land of Adventure
' Hangover ' There were two young men with hangover in a Greenwich Cafe of New York City at the...
Land of Adventure
Thaddeus Hutyra
' Hangover ' There were two young men with hangover in a Greenwich Cafe of New York City at the very heart of the Village, the artists' haven They looked moodily as if caught by a storm mysterious one, with dancing ghostly demons Their faces expressed tints of deep-seated sorrow ' I know it quite good you cry deep within yourself unable to solve your problem, Romeo alike I also know she was your muse, a goddess of love and it makes me feeling so much sorrowful for you I really share your suffering, my dear friend ' said one of them to another one, visibly shaken His friend looked up with dampened eyes ' She was my only beauty, my love greater than life with so many brilliantly sparkling tints on the heavenly canvas filled with stars She was my beloved angel looking after me my sweet protector, my sense of life, my only love She was a swan with wings spread wide with nothing to hide and everything to show a swan on the canvas of the sky above reflected in the waters of a quiet lake one performing a shining serenade of love with a carousel of many hues and shades She was my everlasting support, my arm a gentle pillar and though all powerful one like all the pillars of the Acropolis of Athens supposed to stay eternally, withstanding time as part of me, she, my heavenly angel of love Yet she's gone, no chance to have her back ' ' Don't cry, my dear friend ', the other man said ' I'm your pillar now, your best and caring friend for as long as you need it, my dearest friend ' He took him in his very arms and held him so for long minutes, stroking him gently on his arm while strangers in the cafe looked curiously at them ' Hangover ' by Thaddeus Hutyra Copyright © Thaddeus Hutyra All Rights Reserved.
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Thaddeus Hutyra
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