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Mercy, die Straßenritze 1
Lumen Gasmo Mercy, die Straßenritze 1
»Ein düster dreistes Drama trifft auf Thriller, Horror und Satire! Die E-Book-Serie »Mercy, die Straßenritze« beinhaltet teilweise harte Szenen und Obszönitäten und ist daher nur für Erwachsene geeignet, die nicht zartbesaitet sind!...
1,99 €
Breakup and revenge: the deadly ire of a jilted man
Todd Hicks Breakup and revenge: the deadly ire of a jilted...
Who was Hector Carasco? A man you wouldn't want to cross, he was a 25-year old Hispanic man in Tempe, Arizona who increasingly developed a thirst for getting a permanent relationship with a lady. While using an online dating website, he...
2,57 € 3,09 €
Kerry the Sorcerer and Kabrina the Sorceress
Todd Hicks Kerry the Sorcerer and Kabrina the Sorceress
Who are Kerry and Katrina? It begins with Kerry becoming a master magician who uses his powers to keep everyone safe. He then trains Katrina to use sorcery.
3,09 € 3,60 €
Bagney and Stacey: Philadelphia’s Finest
Todd Hicks Bagney and Stacey: Philadelphia’s Finest
This is a drama novel containing eleven episodes about two female police officers who serve on the Philadelphia force. After graduating from the police academy and having a rough start, they undergo better training and learn to protect...
3,09 € 3,60 €
Arsene Lupin
Maurice Leblanc Arsene Lupin
Arsene Lupin is a fictional gentleman thief who appears in a series of detective fiction and crime fiction novels by the French writer Maurice Leblanc. A contemporary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Maurice Leblanc was the creator of the...
1,02 €
The Celtic Twilight
W. B. Yeats The Celtic Twilight
I have desired, like every artist, to create a little world out of the beautiful, pleasant, and significant things of this marred and clumsy world, and to show in a vision something of the face of Ireland to any of my own people who...
1,02 €
Travels in West Africa
Mary Kingsley Travels in West Africa
Mary Henrietta Kingsley was an English ethnographic and scientific writer and explorer whose travels throughout West Africa and resulting work helped shape European perceptions of African cultures and British imperialism. After a...
1,02 €
Initiation Into Philosophy
Emile Faguet Initiation Into Philosophy
This volume, as indicated by the title, is designed to show the way to the beginner, to satisfy and more especially to excite his initial curiosity. It affords an adequate idea of the march of facts and of ideas. The reader is led,...
1,02 €
The Phantom of the Opera
Gaston Leroux The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera is a novel by French writer Gaston Leroux. Christine Daaé travels with her father, a famous fiddler, throughout Europe, and plays folk and religious music. When Christine was six years old, her mother died and...
1,02 €
Charles Kingsley Hypatia
Hypatia is a novel by the English writer Charles Kingsley. It is a fictional account of the life of the philosopher Hypatia, and tells the story of a young monk called Philammon who travels to Alexandria, where he becomes mixed up in the...
1,02 €
Marcus Aurelius Meditations
Meditations is a series of writings by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 161-180 CE, setting forth his ideas on Stoic philosophy. A central theme to "Meditations" is to analyze your judgement of self and others and developing a cosmic...
1,02 €
Letters On Demonology and Witchcraft
Sir Walter Scott Letters On Demonology and Witchcraft
The book takes the form of ten letters addressed to Lockhart, the epistolary mode permitting Scott to be both conversational in tone and discursive in method. In these, Scott surveys opinions respecting demonology and witchcraft from the...
1,02 €
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Wilder Dreier
Vicky Carlton Wilder Dreier
Hunters - Vor dem Sturm
Kuzneski, Chris Hunters - Vor dem Sturm
Vicky Carlton Seitensprung
Feronia Petri Rot-Licht-Tot
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Isabella Bach Unheilig
Geheimoperation ONAGER
Norbert Mertens Geheimoperation ONAGER
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