Sticker Soup and Dice Rolls

Buyers or Liars?

Consumers have certain expectations when they enter a place of business, may it be to purchase a car, a pair of shoes, or anything in between. Of course, great service, friendliness, product knowledge, low prices and honesty are a must. Customers demand customer satisfaction. Period. However, are they prepared to treat sales consultants the same way they are expected to be dealt with? With the same kind of respect, dignity and politeness? The reality might come as a bit of a surprise to you… This book has been written from a car salesperson's perspective, entirely based on true stories and experiences. It deals with the reality of car sales, and highlights how things are on the 'other...
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  • Artikelnummer SW9783730918739110164
  • Autor Eric J. Klein
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  • Veröffentlichung 16.05.2013
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