Touched (Book #2 of the Shadow Vampires)

Touched (Book #2 of the Shadow Vampires)
In TOUCHED (BOOK #2 OF THE SHADOW VAMPIRES), Keira Blaine is on the run with her new love,...
Touched (Book #2 of the Shadow Vampires)
Allegra Skye
In TOUCHED (BOOK #2 OF THE SHADOW VAMPIRES), Keira Blaine is on the run with her new love, Cooper. Having just finished vanquishing the first wave of Shadow Vampires, the small town of Everstock is no longer a safe place for them. They have to flee, and search for a safe haven together. Keira can't return home anyway, especially after running away from her parents to be with Cooper.

As they embark on their journey together, Cooper tells Keira about his long-lost mother and her tribe, The Torches, a race of positive vampires, rival enemies to the Shadow Vampires. Separated from her at birth, Cooper is determined to find his mother, and to follow the clues—and his magical ring—that will lead him to her.

Allegra Skye has always been fascinated with the supernatural, with true romance, and with worlds that lie just beyond our reach. She is author of the bestselling series THE SHADOW VAMPIRES, comprising book #1 (SAVED) and book #2 (TOUCHED) and book #3 forthcoming soon. She is also author of the bestselling YA fantasy series CHARLOTTE TWEED, comprising book #1 (CHARLOTTE TWEED AND THE SCHOOL FOR ORPHANED DRAGONS) and book #2 forthcoming soon.

Allegra loves to hear from you, so don't be shy and check back often! Please visit to learn more and to stay in touch.
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Allegra Skye
Allegra Skye
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