Sleepyhead George

Sleepyhead George
George is a bright boy but there is one thing he struggles with, getting up in the morning....
Sleepyhead George
Mercè Escardó i Bas
George is a bright boy but there is one thing he struggles with, getting up in the morning. Luckily his Grandma will teach him a bit of magic and he'll be able to get rid of his sleep and stop people from calling him sleepyhead.

I was born on the August of 1948, in Barcelona, in my grandfather's bed, while a cricket celebrated my arrival with its music. I had always liked maths and biology but somebody, maybe a Fairy Godmother, guided me to study Librarianship and later on, to found and make grow one of the best libraries for children that ever existed. My job made me so happy that I needed to share it giving speeches, courses, conferences, workshops...and writing papers that were published in specialised children's literature magazines. I think I could not live without reading and writing and I truly believe that stories are pebbles in the river of Life which helps us to cry and to laugh when we need to, filtering whatever Life brings us. I write in an attempt to explain to myself the magic of living; some of my works become illustrated books, others arrive to the public orally, through storytelling and some others are still projects and dreams. I was awarded with Premi Crítica Serra d'Or ( a Catalan Award) in 1992 for my book "The Moon and the mirrors". I'm happy sharing stories, they're magical spaces which either told, written or read, and even being from different places, they makes us live them at the same time, welcoming us into the great family of readers.
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Mercè Escardó i Bas
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