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Love letters from a widower
Xavier Pérez-Pons Love letters from a widower
Theologians maintain that just the presence of a feeling of God in Man's heart, is, in itself, a proof of His existence. Since –as they assure us- that feeling is innate, it's actually a reminiscence. Well, if it's as they say, Blanca,...
3,99 €
La verdadera historia del siglo XXI
Francisco José Roldán Gómez La verdadera historia del siglo XXI
"La verdadera historia de la Revolución del Siglo XXI" es una novela que explora los numerosos y complejos caminos que debe recorrer el amor hasta vencer todas las dificultades de la vida. Relata la lucha de su protagonista para librarse...
2,99 €
Becoming a Plurilingual Child
Roberto Gómez Fernández Becoming a Plurilingual Child
The present research aims at illustrating the newcomer's process of becoming an 'emergent plurilingual' member of a heterogeneous and multilingual primary school classroom in Luxembourg. It is a 8 month case study about a child belonging...
4,49 €
Los cuentos de Vladmir
Juan Pablo Grant Los cuentos de Vladmir
"A medianoche, bajo unas autopistas a medio construir, un mendigo relataría historias de terror y de suspenso. La ocasión, que se repetía cada luna llena, era muy especial para toda esa pobre gente que jamás tenía acceso a otro tipo de...
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All dogs are Labradors
Ignacio Gallo Campos All dogs are Labradors
All the fakes lies and deceits we pass through in our lives build us as those who we are now. Then how much are we the owners of our now?. During this second part of the saga and living now in our own skins, let's see how much we own our...
16,99 €
The biggest fake
Ignacio Gallo Campos The biggest fake
A second is all that we need to change it all. However a meaningful and game changer one might take a full life to happen. Everything begins by doing a humble trip to our biggest fakes, beliefs and exogenous-induced ideas to finally have...
16,99 €
A life in a second
Ignacio Gallo Campos A life in a second
Once we have finally decided which role we play in our lives, are we completely sure that this is the role we have chosen to play or be?. Or could it be possible that we are a product of everybody else's agendas? Alongside this third and...
16,99 €
The Little Blue Bunny
Sofia Passos The Little Blue Bunny
Picture books and stories come to life in a child's imagination. In this story we learn about the importance of friendship. The characters can actually jump out of the book right to the children's lap. This is the tale of a Little Blue...
3,99 €
The 5 balances of health
Marcos Mazzuka The 5 balances of health
The 5 Balances of Health gives the answer to the questions on how and why diseases occur, and how to anticipate them, avoid them and treat them. Dr. Marcos Mazzuka exposes his experiences made in almost forty years dedicated to the...
3,99 €
200 Quotations to Escape Consumerism
Michael Blue 200 Quotations to Escape Consumerism
Rampant consumerism is one of the greatest forces behind the rapidly increasing destruction of our planet. It is the driving force behind the corporatisation of the globe and the destruction of the human qualities of co-operation,...
4,49 €
Magic Mind
Deydad Magic Mind
Ich bin sicher, dass du in deiner Kindheit schon einmal von einem Flaschengeist gehört oder auch den Film Aladin gesehen hast. Darin wird der Flaschengeist aus seiner verzauberten Lampe befreit und erfüllt einem Jungen drei Wünsche. Wie...
5,99 €
Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market
Murray N Rothbard Man, Economy, and State with Power and Market
The era of modern economics emerged with the publication of Carl Mengers seminal work, Principles of Economics, in 1871. In this slim book, Menger set forth the correct approach to theoretical research in economics and elaborated some of...
6,49 €
Wilder Dreier
Vicky Carlton Wilder Dreier
Trapped - Gefangen
Michael Hodges Trapped - Gefangen
Vicky Carlton Seitensprung
Intime Geschichten 10 - Erotik
Susan Perry Intime Geschichten 10 - Erotik
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Coltman 1 - Erotik Western
Pete Hackett Coltman 1 - Erotik Western
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