MIXtipp Favourite SOUPS (american english)

MIXtipp Favourite SOUPS (american english)
A delicious starter in a menu, a wonderful warming delight on a cold winter day, a favourite dish...
MIXtipp Favourite SOUPS (american english)
Antje Watermann
A delicious starter in a menu, a wonderful warming delight on a cold winter day, a favourite dish for the whole family: Soups come in a lot of tasty varieties! With this book, the mixtipp-Team offers a compilation of the best soup recipes for all occasions. You will not only find your favourite classics like Potato or Tomato soup. Whether simple or fancy: we will have the right soup for you. Soups are a perfect meal all year round: enjoy cold winter days with a warm hearty Allgäu Cheese Soup or have a cold Spanish Salmorejo for refreshment in summer. And fall with its harvest time becomes even more special when you use fresh chestnuts and pumpkin as ingredients for your cream soups. Colourful and fruity are our delicacies like Mango & Carrot or Papaya Soup. If you like hearty ingredients, you will love our tasty soups with meat, fish, or shrimps. And we have broadened our soup horizons by compiling some of the best recipes from all over the world: Starting from the Indian Banana Soup to the typical French Onion Soup we would like to invite you to follow us on a culinary trip around the world. Besides that the mixtipp-Team offers to you a whole chapter with our personal soup favourites. So you will get to know what we like to cook and enjoy at home with our families. There are countless variations of soups and with their fresh ingredients they all are very healthy!

Foreword Basic Recipes Tips for Making Soup The Best Garnishes for Your Soup Some Facts About Soups SOUPS WITH MEAT OR FISCH Swedish Laxsoppa Cucumber Soup with Yoghurt and Shrimps Hungarian Goulash Soup Kale Soup with Goose Breast Haricot Bean Soup with Mettwurst Artichoke Cream Soup with Serrano Ham Mango and Carrot Soup with Sesame and Prawns Smoked Fish Soup CLASSIC SOUPS Chanterelle Soup Cauliflower Soup "Creme Dubarry" Tomato Cream Soup Porcini Soup Butternut Squash Soup Allgäu Cheese Soup Garlic Soup Parsnip Soup SOUPS FROM AROUND THE WORLD Minestrone all'Italiana Chickpea Soup Onion Cream Soup Papaya Soup Salmorejo Clam Chowder Banana Soup Quince Soup with Cinnamom Croutons OUR SOUP FAVOURITES Sauerkraut Soup Grandma Dora's Potato Soup Maize Soup Rhenish Runner Bean Soup Kohlrabi & Apple Soup Black Salsify Soup Liver Dumpling Soup Carrot & Orange Soup VEGETARIAN SOUPS Chestnut Soup Potato Soup with Parmesan Cheese Celeriac Soup with Pears & Gorgonzola Cheese Fennel Soup Orange & Beetroot Soup Cauliflower & Potato Soup Beetroot Consommé Brussels Sprout Soup Courgette & Mint Soup
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Antje Watermann
Antje Watermann
Edition Lempertz
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