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A Daughter of Eve
Honore de Balzac A Daughter of Eve
A Daughter of Eve is a short novel wriiten by Honore de Balzac. This short novel, part of the Scenes of Private Life section of Honore de Balzac's vast masterpiece The Human Comedy, includes the first appearances of key characters who...
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The Well at the World's End
William Morris, Sheba Blake The Well at the World's End
The Well at the World's End is a high fantasy novel by the British artist, poet, and author William Morris. It was first published in 1896 and has been reprinted a number of times since, most notably in two parts as the 20th and 21st...
3,99 €
Anna Karenina
Leo Tolstoy, Sheba Blake Anna Karenina
Anna Karenina is a novel by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. Anna Karenina is the tragic story of a married aristocrat/socialite and her affair with the affluent Count Vronsky. The story starts when she arrives in the midst of a family...
3,99 €
A Princess of Mars
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Sheba Blake A Princess of Mars
A Princess of Mars is a science fantasy novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs, the first of his Barsoom series. John Carter, a Confederate veteran of the American Civil War, goes prospecting in Arizona immediately after the war's end. Having...
3,99 €
A Modest Proposal
Sheba Blake, Jonathan Swift A Modest Proposal
A Modest Proposal is a Juvenalian satirical essay written and published anonymously by Jonathan Swift in 1729. Swift suggests that the impoverished Irish might ease their economic troubles by selling their children as food for rich...
3,99 €
After the Storm
T. S. Arthur, Sheba Blake After the Storm
After the Storm was written by the very popular nineteenth-century American author who articulated and disseminated the values, beliefs, and habits of middle-class life in pre-Civil War America. Timothy Shay Arthur (June 6, 1809 – March...
3,99 €
Jules Verne, Sheba Blake Abandoned
Explorers in a hot-air balloon land on an island, figuring that they must be the only inhabitants. However, they discover a bullet inside a wounded animal--one which must have been fired within the previous three months. The men propose...
3,99 €
Ann Veronica
H. G. Wells, Sheba Blake Ann Veronica
Ann Veronica is a New Woman novel by H.G. Wells. Ann Veronica describes the rebellion of Ann Veronica Stanley, "a young lady of nearly two-and-twenty," against her middle-class father's stern patriarchal rule. The novel dramatizes the...
3,99 €
A Star Trap
Bram Stoker, Sheba Blake A Star Trap
When I was apprenticed to theatrical carpentering my master was John Haliday, who was Master Machinist - we called men in his post 'Master Carpenter' in those days - of the old Victoria Theatre, Hulme. It wasn't called Hulme; but that...
3,99 €
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Sheba Blake, James Joyce A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is the first novel of Irish writer James Joyce. A Künstlerroman in a modernist style, it traces the religious and intellectual awakening of young Stephen Dedalus, a fictional alter ego of Joyce and...
3,99 €
A Short History of England
Sheba Blake, G. K. Chesterton A Short History of England
G.K. Chesterton was a prolific writer on many topics. His views of history were always from the standpoint of men and their interactions, and it may fairly be said he saw all of history as a battle between civilization and barbarism. So...
3,99 €
All's Well That Ends Well
William Shakespeare, Sheba Blake All's Well That Ends Well
All's Well That Ends Well is a play by William Shakespeare. Helena, the low-born ward of a Spanish countess, is in love with the countess' son Bertram, who is indifferent to her. Bertram goes to Paris to replace his late father as...
3,99 €
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Skin Medicine - Die letzte Grenze
Tim Curran Skin Medicine - Die letzte Grenze
Wilder Dreier
Vicky Carlton Wilder Dreier
To die for - Gnadenlose Jagd
Phillip Hunter To die for - Gnadenlose Jagd
Vicky Carlton Seitensprung
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