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A Daughter of Eve
Honore de Balzac A Daughter of Eve
A Daughter of Eve is a short novel wriiten by Honore de Balzac. This short novel, part of the Scenes of Private Life section of Honore de Balzac's vast masterpiece The Human Comedy, includes the first appearances of key characters who...
3,99 €
Game of Logic
Lewis Carroll, Sheba Blake Game of Logic
Game of Logic is a book written by Lewis Carroll. Over 350 ingenious problems involving classical logic: logic is expressed in terms of symbols; syllogisms and the sorites are diagrammed; logic becomes a game played with two diagrams and...
2,99 €
A Prince of Bohemia
Honore de Balzac, Sheba Blake A Prince of Bohemia
This short vignette from Honore de Balzac, a key figure in French realism, is a story within a story. The narrator, Nathan, regales a pair of aristocratic ladies with stories about the Rusticoli family and its most prominent member, La...
2,99 €
A Search for a Secret
G. A. Henty, Sheba Blake A Search for a Secret
An Heiress Searches for a Hidden Will. Agnes Ashleigh inherits the estate of Gerald Harmer, but his two sisters conceal the secret of his lost will and determine to give the estate to the Catholic Church. Ultimately, after much intrigue...
2,99 €
A Prairie Courtship
Harold Bindloss, Sheba Blake A Prairie Courtship
It was falling dusk and the long emigrant train was clattering, close-packed with its load of somewhat frowsy humanity, through the last of the pine forest which rolls westward north of the Great Lakes toward the wide, bare levels of...
2,99 €
A Romance of Wastdale
A. E. W. Mason, Sheba Blake A Romance of Wastdale
A Romance of Wastdale is a novel by the British writer A.E.W. Mason. In 1921 it was turned into a film of the same name directed by Maurice Elvey and made by Stoll Pictures, Britain's biggest studio of the silent era. A.E.W. Mason (7 May...
2,99 €
A Poor Wise Man
Mary Roberts Rinehart, Sheba Blake A Poor Wise Man
A Love Story of the New Spirit of America.Vigor, dramatic intensity and the sweep of a fine romance are here in this novel by Mrs. Rinehart--a story of "all of us." Mary Roberts Rinehart (August 12, 1876 – September 22, 1958) was an...
2,99 €
A Pluralistic Universe
William James, Sheba Blake A Pluralistic Universe
Craving an intellectually stimulating read? Dive into A Pluralistic Universe by William James, an influential thinker and psychologist who also happened to be the brother of acclaimed novelist Henry James. This lucid, gripping account...
2,99 €
A Rogue's Life
Wilkie Collins, Sheba Blake A Rogue's Life
A delightful tale of thwarted ambition and forbidden love, A Rogue's Life follows the fortunes of an endearing young man. Proffering his own take on picaresque storytelling-and with many a grain of truth for twenty-somethings today-this...
2,99 €
A Passion in the Desert
Honore de Balzac, Sheba Blake A Passion in the Desert
During Napoleon's campaign in Egypt, a French soldier becomes separated from his regiment and finds himself wandering lost in the desert. Just when he was about to give up all hope, he makes an unlikely friend. Honore de Balzac (20 May...
3,49 €
A New Philosophy: Henri Bergson
Edouard Leroy, Sheba Blake A New Philosophy: Henri Bergson
Underneath and beyond the method, you have caught the intention and the spirit...Your study could not be more conscientious or true to the original." - Henri Bergson The famous French philosopher Henri Bergson had but the highest praise...
3,49 €
A Night in the Snow
Edmund Donald Carr, Sheba Blake A Night in the Snow
In 1856 the Reverend Edmund Donald Carr was overtaken by a blizzard on his way to an evening service. He battled the elements for 22 hours with nothing by his bible and his dead horse, whose body sheltered him while he slept. Snow blind...
3,49 €
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Wilder Dreier
Vicky Carlton Wilder Dreier
Hunters - Vor dem Sturm
Kuzneski, Chris Hunters - Vor dem Sturm
Vicky Carlton Seitensprung
Feronia Petri Rot-Licht-Tot
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Isabella Bach Unheilig
Geheimoperation ONAGER
Norbert Mertens Geheimoperation ONAGER
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