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Geile Geschichten
M.C. Hanlon Geile Geschichten
Das Buch enthält Höhepunkte aus drei erotischen Stories von M.C. Hanlon. ### 35 Modefotografie Wenn ein konservativer Fotograf und eine recht forsche junge Damen aufeinander prallen… ### 94 Doppelzimmer Die Buchung ist schief gegangen....
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Heisse Geschichten - Erotik, Analsex, Lust, frivol
M.C. Hanlon Heisse Geschichten - Erotik, Analsex, Lust, frivol
Höhepunkte aus 3 erotischen Kurzgeschichten von M.C. Hanlon. Über 6000 Worte auf 45 heissen Seiten. ### 23 Süße Jugend Janine ist auffällig freizügig, sehr lüstern und reichlich selbstbewusst. Doch das ist noch gar nichts, angesichts der...
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Nude in Paris
Marcus C. Hanlon Nude in Paris
5 Stars »Yea, that’s great! I really like it sexy.« She had pulled back the curtains and was now opening the door. The pleasant fresh spring air came in and the curtains blew back slightly with the motion, billowing slowly. It looked as...
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Naked Reporter
Marcus C. Hanlon Naked Reporter
The conference room was now darkened by automatically descending blinds and the leader started the first video from her Tablet PC. She explained: »Here you can see the working area of the ship. We’ve found that a large number of tropical...
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Nude Roommate
Marcus C. Hanlon Nude Roommate
4 Stars »Awesome Book, fantastic Stories.« 5 Stars »Coool.« There was no Nudity in our small shared flat. Everything was normal until Eric moved out. Then a lot has changed. Well, strictly speaking, not directly because he moved out, but...
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Top Sex Stories I
Marcus C. Hanlon Top Sex Stories I
***** Yea, that’s great! I really like it sexy.. ***** Hot Hot **** Awesome Book, fantastic Stories ***** Coool There weren’t many people around, and those who were there disappeared into the tiny bistros around noon to grab a bite to...
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Hanlon Complete I
M.C. Hanlon Hanlon Complete I
Hanlon Complete I ist der erste komplette Sammelband aller Stories von M.C. Hanlon. Heiße, geile, scharfe erotische Geschichten zum genießen und fantasieren. Der Band umfasst 36 Novellen und Kurzgeschichten auf mehr als 530 Seiten....
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Naked  Ride
Marcus C. Hanlon Naked Ride
She had… never done that before. All of a sudden she had felt like doing something crazy. The ride with the motorbike into the desert was less exciting than she expected. She had driven to the small parking lot to stretch her legs for a...
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Living Naked
Marcus C. Hanlon Living Naked
Liane obviously liked all of that dearly. So she went on euphorically… »And then the estate agent suggested, if we wanted to, we should – you understand… in order to really and completely absorb the atmosphere of the house and to feel...
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Adult Confessions
Marcus C. Hanlon Adult Confessions
When I woke up the next morning, my sweetheart was still happy. She had her arms and legs wrapped around her blanket and had her beautiful bare bottom turned to me. Her hair was scattered over the pillow. I got up quietly and slipped out...
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Sex Party
Marcus C. Hanlon Sex Party
5 Stars ***** »It's so nice to be with you again« Michaela called to me. I wiped my sooty hands on a cloth and came to meet her. She was beaming like an angel. Then she abruptly picked up her shirt and pulled it over her head; she shook...
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Nude Therapist
Marcus C. Hanlon Nude Therapist
The moderator and his female talkshow guest sit next to each other. The woman is young and strikingly pretty and she has something provocative, something overly confident in her look, something that says she knows something he does not...
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Wilder Dreier
Vicky Carlton Wilder Dreier
Hunters - Vor dem Sturm
Kuzneski, Chris Hunters - Vor dem Sturm
Vicky Carlton Seitensprung
Feronia Petri Rot-Licht-Tot
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Isabella Bach Unheilig
Geheimoperation ONAGER
Norbert Mertens Geheimoperation ONAGER
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