The Story of Nigeria's Petroleum Industry

The Story of Nigeria's Petroleum Industry
This is a scrupulous account of the petroleum industry from 1906 to the present. The story traces...
The Story of Nigeria's Petroleum Industry
Oyeniyi Osundina
This is a scrupulous account of the petroleum industry from 1906 to the present. The story traces development before the discovery of oil in Oloibiri and proceeds to offer comprehensive account of various legislative instruments that were adopted in the development process. The Nigerian Content Law, the gas flaring difficulties and the issue of sabotage are amply dealt with. The book has several media reports to spotlight the heavy corruption ravaging the industry and closes with the attempted subsidy removal by the Jonathan administration. The author ends with a philosophical rhetoric "as if there is no future", calling into question the role of politics and politicians in the misfortune of Nigeria's oil and gas sector. The application of legislation and regulation to the practice of oil and gas is a consistent theme permeating through the book, giving it not only a solid academic emphasis to the readers, but also a strong orientation towards policy. The book is well positioned to address the technical and commercial issues of the Nigerian's oil and gas sector which should be familiar to oil company managements and experts.

He was educated in Nigeria at Ahmadu Bello University and University of Ibadan and USA at Pratt Institute Graduate School, New York and University of Pittsburg Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. Oyeniyi has years of experience in management, university teaching, government and research. He is an advocate of a strong relationship between purposeful development and culture. He is author of many journal articles and four books. In the course of his career he has attended several international conferences and seminars at which he presented papers. He has spent the last ten years of research and public speaking in the USA, Canada and the UK with focus on the Philosophy of Development as visiting scholar. He writes without subject boundary, tapping from his multidisciplinary education with a touch of philosophy.
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Oyeniyi Osundina
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