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Steine der Macht - Band 10
Stan Wolf Steine der Macht - Band 10
Der Untersberg beinhaltet eine nahezu unendliche Anzahl von Sagen bzw. Geheimnissen. Und Wolf sowie seine Begleiterin Claudia sind diesen weiterhin auf der Spur. Auch diesmal erfahren sie wieder einige sagenumwobene Geschichten und...
13,99 €
Chronicles of Jolie, Part 2
Rowlin King Chronicles of Jolie, Part 2
The second in the series of erotic thrillers by Rowlin King. The Chronicles of Jolie Part II has a new adventure on every page. When bi-sexual Jolie finds out her best friend Sonny is missing and being held captive, Jolie knows that she...
10,99 €
City Crime
Ian Richardson City Crime
When a body is found floating down the canal, Detective Chief Inspector David Gould of the City of London police is called in to investigate, and his inquiries lead him to a secretive travel agency. Gould enlists the newly promoted...
8,99 €
The Mask under the Skin
Petra Langa The Mask under the Skin
Iris is a middle-aged white South African socialite who always had the ability to blissfully ignore whatever might impede her happiness. But her life takes a dramatic turn when her finances dwindle, her husband John's tour of duty in...
10,99 €
The Weird and Wonderful World of Bildrid Scrumplenose
Michael T Bruce The Weird and Wonderful World of Bildrid...
Bildrid Scrumplenose is a Hedge Hidey, a six-inch person who lives in an abandon rabbit burrow among the tangled roots of an old oak tree called five acre tree . He and his family have spent their lives avoiding the "big folks," but when...
13,99 €
Dragon's Progress
Florence Vilen Dragon's Progress
The late 13th century of China: land of the future, but also of the legendary past, and a period of dramatic changes. Along the roads of Asia, dragons of many descriptions swarm, among them a fiery European dragon that meets with the...
8,99 €
The Bee Chase
John Anakwenze The Bee Chase
Do you have a terrible memory from your childhood that you can't escape? Maybe you remember it daily, or maybe there is a certain trigger that takes you back to that time and place. Udenka, a boy in Nigeria, thought his painful memories...
8,99 €
A Mother's Dilemma
John Edward Bankole Jones A Mother's Dilemma
It's bad enough being treated as an orphan and having to endure a succession of foster homes, living in an orphanage, or being farmed out to a succession of 'Aunties' and not knowing who your biological parents are. It gets a lot worse...
10,99 €
Love Patterns
Michael B. Malone Love Patterns
Bill Munro, a married WW2 ex-bomber pilot, turned teacher, and now a successful author, full of the joys of life; discovers, to his chagrin, that his wife Kathleen, who he loves very much; justifiably after three miscarriages, has lost...
11,99 €
Bin Skorpion, Krebs unerwünscht
Elfi Frühwirth Bin Skorpion, Krebs unerwünscht
Ihre Männer, sagt sie immer, wenn sie über ihren geliebten Mann und über ihre beiden erwachsenen Söhne redet. Ein Leben, in dem es an nichts zu fehlen scheint. Und dann die niederschmetternde Diagnose, die eine heile Welt zerstört....
10,99 €
Tobi, der fliegende Pilz
Sabine Kodatsch Tobi, der fliegende Pilz
Tobi ist ein fliegender Pilz. Nein, kein Fliegenpilz, sondern ein fliegender Pilz! Und weil das bei den Pilzen eher unüblich ist, dass man fliegen kann, wollen die anderen Pilze und Tiere nicht mit Tobi spielen und grenzen ihn aus. Doch...
16,99 €
Have a Heart
Pamela Heller-Stern Have a Heart
This two-part novel shows how good eventually triumphs over evil, even if the evil gets the punishment hundreds of years later. Part One of the novel dramatizes the tragic life of tobacco plantation slave, Loder Alleyn, which contrasts...
9,99 €
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Wilder Dreier
Vicky Carlton Wilder Dreier
Hunters - Vor dem Sturm
Kuzneski, Chris Hunters - Vor dem Sturm
Vicky Carlton Seitensprung
Feronia Petri Rot-Licht-Tot
Isabella Bach Unheilig
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Perry Rhodan-Olymp Paket Einzelausgaben 1-12
Geheimoperation ONAGER
Norbert Mertens Geheimoperation ONAGER
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