Nude Coeds

Nude Coeds
It was again one of those routine afternoons. The homework had been done together quickly and now...
Nude Coeds
Marcus C. Hanlon
It was again one of those routine afternoons. The homework had been done together quickly and now they sat around, hugging, Emil, Jannik and the four girls, the upright Jule, the chaste Christina, the quiet Anni and of course Michaela, in the house of their parents where they had gathered as usual because of the generous space. The six were really good friends, really good. Michaela had last month celebrated her birthday to the age of majority and all went to see the graduation together. The silence was long and heavy. A bit of Robbie Williams dabbled out of small speakers, everyone was dwelling on their own thoughts and the sun heated up the room quite well through the windows. The summer was warm and everyone wore only casual summer dresses and the girls all were of course barefoot. Suddenly, without any advance notice and without warning, Juli said: »I would like to dance completely naked. Do you know where you can dance naked? I mean, without being arrested immediately…« The silence continued for a moment, but now for another reason. Everyone was baffled, the chaste Christina even was a bit piqued. A witty smile crossed the boys' faces. »What makes you think that's great to be…« Anni skeptically interjected »_naked_.« She said it as if it were a swear word. Only Michaela smiled openly at Juli. Michaela quickly replied before the others got their mouths shut again »I used to dance naked in a disco. That was pretty nice. Somehow different, but nice.« Michaela nodded, confirming the truthfulness of her statement in her memory. »You were… I mean naked?« Anni wanted to know, and still did not know if she was going to say something more, or just say it like that. »Who were you with, Michi?« Jannik wanted to know, because a slight jealousy stirred in him, which always made Michaela feel comfortable in the abdomen. … (from Nude Coeds) You’ll find these two stories in this volume: **107 Nude Coeds** A small group is bored. Four girls and two boys, just past the threshold of adulthood, meet in the afternoon to explore life. It’s about their desires to try out and to playfully explore feelings, their body and sexuality. The girls are always more open in their fantasies - and to realize them together. The girls love to dance naked and without strings, and then one thing follows the other. A little unrestrained, a lot of first love, lustfully naked dancing, sensual massage and more. **113 Casting** The young actress wants to take on a role in which clearly erotic scenes are played. How does she feel about this…? »I would really like to dance completely naked. Do you know where you can dance naked?« then she just pulled on the loose ends of the bows that held the bottoms together and with her next hip swing they fell uselessly to the ground. Juli wasted no time and immediately kissed Michaela again on her lips. »I'm so horny to do it now. Come on, let's do it.« »…then you can get fucked by the masseur, if you want.«
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