Adult Stories

Adult Stories
**** 4 Stars »Awesome Book, fantastic Stories.« ***** 5 Stars »Coool.« 'Adult Stories’ is the...
Adult Stories
Marcus C. Hanlon
**** 4 Stars »Awesome Book, fantastic Stories.« ***** 5 Stars »Coool.« 'Adult Stories’ is the latest anthology of highlights from Marcus C. Hanlon’s Top Stories. Wilde lust and entertaining irony. »Do you have anything to drink at this place, it’s freaking hot when moving stuff?« »Sure« I replied and stood up. I dragged myself into the kitchen, which was opposite from my room, and put a glass on the table. »Coke or water?«, I called. »Coke« she responded, sounding like she was in the bathroom. Oh well. I filled the glass and was just about to return to my computer when I heard the shower running. Ok, no walking back to the other room, rather standing and waiting what would happen. »Thanks« I almost choked. Suddenly she came through the closed door. Her hair was wet and totally messy. She had a towel wrapped around her body and, before I realized what happened, she took the glass from the table. »I’m feeling much better now« she said and sat down on the other kitchen chair. She took a sip from the glass and put one of her feet on the chair, so that the towel flew open and granted a revealing look of her stomach and significantly more interesting other body areas; sadly, only on the side that was turned away from me. Even leaning forward didn’t do much. She was busy with other things and didn’t even look at me. Instead she turned her head as far as she could to look out the window. »The weather is so nice today, just not great for moving?« All I could utter was a non-descript »huh« because in the same moment she jumped to her feet, walked to the window and looked outside. The towel was apparently comfy, and so she undid it and rewrapped it more orderly around her belly. I’m a little envious of the passers-by. Undoubtedly, they had a great view. Then she walked back to the bathroom, coyly smiled at me over her shoulder, and then was gone again. (from Nude Roommate) Highlights from the greatest and most appraised Sexy Adult Short Stories by Marcus C. Hanlon. More than 2.000 erotic and hot words.
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Marcus C. Hanlon
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