The Baby's Opera

Girls and Boys The Mulberry Bush Oranges and Lemons StPaul's Steeple My Lady's Garden Natural History Lavender's Blue I saw Three Ships Ding Dong Bell Puss at Court Three Blind Mice Dickory Dock Ye Frog's Wooing Ye Frog and Ye Crow MrsBond Xmas Day in ye Morning Little Jack Horner King Arthur Ye Jolly Miller Ye Song of Sixpence Bo-Peep Baa! Baa! Black Sheep Tom, the Piper's Son There was a Lady Loved a Swine Over the Hills and far away Cock Robin and Jenny Wren I had a little Nut Tree DrFaustus Three Children My Pretty Maid The Ploughboy in Luck Warm Hands Jack and Jill Dance a Baby Hush-a-by Baby King Cole
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