Nude Therapist

Nude Therapist
The moderator and his female talkshow guest sit next to each other. The woman is young and...
Nude Therapist
Marcus C. Hanlon
The moderator and his female talkshow guest sit next to each other. The woman is young and strikingly pretty and she has something provocative, something overly confident in her look, something that says she knows something he does not know, she has a freedom he does not have. She is superior to him. The moderator begins the conversation by introducing his guest. »Today our guest in our talkshow is Mrs. *, who is one of the most successful therapists of our time. She will be explaining her way of working for the first time tonight. Good evening, madam.« »Good evening.« »Madam *. Your success speaks for yourself. What method do you use to help your patients?« »You mean, it's not the exception that you massage your clients naked.« »No. My method of treatment is based on being naked with my clients. I'm naked most of the time during treatment.« »But not during the talks?« »Why not? I stay naked during the talks as well.« Clears his throat. »And… that helps?« »Yes of course. Clothes become obsolete very quickly during my treatment. I make sure that the treatment rooms are always heated up very warm, so that the clients feel all right. The immediacy and authenticity of nudity allow much more empathy with the client than traditional talk therapy. Most people who come to me suffer from very different symptoms. But the cause of their suffering is often the same. They do not feel accepted by the world they live in and not accepted by their closest caregivers. They feel alien in the world and at odds with themselves. They try to be different than they are. I help them become one again.« »How do the talks go?« »Initially, conversation and physical contact are two alternate phases of a session. But soon conversation and skin contact, as well as mind and body, personality and identity merge into one. The touch becomes omnipresent, like speaking.« »That means that you talk to the clients while massaging them?« »For the skin contact, there are soon no more excuses like that of a massage necesssary anymore. The clients come to me, undress and we start to work. I usually receive them naked already.« »How then… but…?« The moderator tries for help in his memos. »We sit or lie together, tightly, body to body. Some women sit on my lap and hug me with legs and arms. Alternatively, I am lying on my back and the client is lying face down on me. Some clients prefer to lie on their stomach while me lying on top of them. Something that is common in all cases is that the clients spread their legs wide so that their private parts are openly accessible. These feelings of openness are very important. I also open my thighs and labia wide during my work.« »And you talk to each other… like that.« »Of course, the client speaks mainly. I only draw their associations. And then I start with the steps of taboo resolution.« »The…« »Exactly. Experience shows that healing with free association is greatly amplified by the condition that arises in sexual arousal and especially in orgasm.« »And how do you get to that… condition?« asked the moderator, only to realize what he'd asked and he turned red and fell silent. »The easiest way, of course, in the natural way. Through orgasm.« Then she looked at the moderator with amusement. »I stroke and rub her anus, vagina and clitoris especially.« »With your fingers?« »Yes, and also with my labia. Sometimes with my breasts or with my tongue.« The moderator was silent again, his face still red. »While clients associate with my initial questions, I stimulate the clitoris, vagina, and anus, which usually causes them to orgasm quickly. Both elements, the sexual practice with a person not belonging to her personal circle on the one hand, and the associations eliminating taboos, quickly lead the client to a deeper understanding of her or his true nature. We experience many orgasms in my sessions and the progress of my clients can be counted by them in numbers.«
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