On the Highway to Paradise

On the Highway to Paradise
59 years, extremely versatile professional and private life experience full of hardships,...
On the Highway to Paradise
Gerald Mayer
59 years, extremely versatile professional and private life experience full of hardships, hurdles, bullying and massive injustices led to that the search for the why, forwhy and wherefore became the focus of his life. The preliminary result is a signpost to the paradise of life, where values carved in stone pave the way! An exciting analysis, a guide to values for everyone striving for a sustainably better world. Including a touching, evocative and poetic plea for humanity and creation in general. The knowledge and the associations of universal truth are valid for all human beings. What he discovered for himself, should be taught children and students as a prevention in their education and upbringing. As the fruits of all knowledge, such as from brain research, we could continuously receive paradise in the future. It is still a vision, but the first steps have been taken on the long, rocky road of making it a reality.

Gerald Mayer was born 1955 as the only child into poor circumstances. His life developed extremely burdensome, challenging and varied right from the beginning. Often ill, mobbed in school and during his apprenticeship, and shaken by massive injustices, he tried to establish himself both in business and in his private life, what failed repeatedly out of various reasons. And then the tide turned. He took an opportunity for a further training at the Institute for Future Competencies, which struck his heart like a vivid flash of light. It became clear what it was that he had been searching for all his life. Gerald Mayer was trained as a counsellor for future competencies based on current states of knowledge in science, research and a diversity of practical experiences. This book marks the beginning of his mission that he works to fulfil for the good of all.
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Gerald Mayer
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