THEODORE ROOSEVELT - Memoirs of the 26th President of the United States

Boyhood and Youth, Education, Political Ideals, Political Career (the New York Governorship and the Presidency), Military Career, the Monroe Doctrine and Winning the Nobel Peace Prize

This book is an autobiography written by Theodore Roosevelt, one of the most impressive figures of the entire American History. Statesman, historian, writer, explorer, soldier and naturalist, Roosevelt leads us through his life discovering at the same time his political ideals and his love of the frontier and the great outdoors. Contents: Boyhood and Youth The Vigor of Life Practical Politics In Cowboy Land Applied Idealism The New York Police The War of America the Unready The New York Governorship Outdoors and Indoors The Presidency; Making an Old Party Progressive The Natural Resources of the Nation The Big Stick and the Square Deal Social and Industrial Justice The...
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